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Overview / Share

Revivals in history have started small. A little spark of God's truth planted in a heart that burns so hot it can't be contained. It spreads from person to person starting little fires everywhere until the countryside is ablaze with a spiritual inferno. Prayer can be the match that ignites those sparks but one little match standing alone will just go out. We need each other in the Body of Christ around the world to pass it on, come together, join the movement. Our Interact page will hopefully encourage you to share your story and use PrayEurope to "pass it on" to others. How are you raising up prayer? What is God leading you to do to ignite revival here? Tell us how we can pray for your country, your ministry, your small spark that needs more sparks to produce growth. Send us your stories of God at work and how our prayers can make a difference. This page is all about you and how God is using you in reaching millions in Europe for His Kingdom.

  • Please note that the public nature of this web sites means we will be circumspect in how we share answers to prayer. Particularly in situations that would refer to governmental actions or put specific ministries at risk, we will share what God is really doing, but it will be our desire to share these answers in a sensitive way.

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